We’re already looking forward to our favourite time of the year again, you too?

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, winter sports enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate the arrival of ski season 2023/24. The slopes are calling, and it’s time to dust off your gear, sharpen your edges, and prepare for another thrilling season of downhill adventures. Are you ready for ski season 2023/24?

For those who crave the thrill of carving through untouched powder, the promise of fresh tracks, and the stunning vistas of pristine backcountry terrain, there’s no better time to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

For those of you who are new to St. Anton am Arlberg check out the world-renowned mecca for those seeking the ultimate off-piste experience. Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, St. Anton offers a perfect blend of challenging terrain, abundant snowfall, and a vibrant ski culture. With a vast network of backcountry routes and thrilling descents, it’s a playground for experienced skiers and snowboarders looking to push their limits. The deep snowpack and varied terrain make it an ideal destination for off-piste adventures, from gentle tree runs to steep chutes and wide-open bowls.

Check out our range of courses and resources for off-piste enthusiasts to ensure they have the knowledge and equipment needed to stay safe while enjoying the backcountry.

We have loads of new stuff for you: Our off piste technique session will regularly run every Monday – maximum fun and learning guaranteed! Doing the technical will ensure you get the most out of the guiding in the next days.


Day 1 starts off with an intensive technique booster (3 hours) with the option to join an Avalanche safety course in the afternoon, or simply relax. Followed by 2 full days guiding. At the end of the 3 days, you should be ready to progress to Level 2! BOOK HERE


Our focussed 3 and 5 day ski tourings skills camps are aimed at those wishing to learn touring skills or brush up their skills before a hut to hut tour. The 3 day camps run over weekends, Friday -Sunday, meaning they can be tagged on to the Silvretta as final preparation. Level 2-3


This is our regular course aimed at anyone who has never done an avalanche safety course or just wants to brush up their skills for the season. Learn the essentials of what to do to avoid Avalanches, how to read bulletins and how to search using a transceiver and techniques for effective probing and shovelling. This is a practical workshop, where we will work in teams in simulated burials.

Our qualified mountain guides ensure that you can make the most of your backcountry skiing experience while prioritizing safety above all else. Book your course now and get to learn your equipment!

Our first workshop is already beginning of December and will run Mondays through the season on demand.


This course follows on from the essentials, we learn about dealing with more complex situations such as multiple burials and the immediate care of survivors, including essential life-saving practices such as keeping the survivor warm with bivy bags etc (if you have never used one of the alu foils you will be surprised to learn there is a special technique for this) Our first workshop is on December 4th (1pm) and will run through the season on demand.


Mountain Essentials is a workshop geared at specific elements of glacier travel including crevasse rescue – self and partner, and survival training. Drop us a message for dates!


Our popular Silvretta Hut to hut, return again from 13th March to end of April. This is a 5 day Hut to Hut tour, with full immersion in the Silvretta, one of the most spectacular high altitude touring regions in the world with wonderful mountain huts. This suits intermediate tourers but also those embarking on their first hut to hut adventure. Option to include an additional 2 nights accomodation before and after the tour in Landeck or tag on the Ski touring skills 3 day package in St Anton. More dates also on request.


Short on time but want the mountain hut experience? We can taylor a Private 3 day trip for you with one or two nights in a hut. Maximum 7 people .
Just enquire here

St. Anton, Lech Zürs:
All our usual offers continue this season with Open Groups, Open Touring, Snowboard Opens, Private Guiding. Book here

Our friendly team are here to help and can advise you – just get in touch here, also check out our Hut To Hut Touring Trips and other ski touring guiding options in St. Anton, Lech Zürs, Arlberg.

Find more information about your private booking with Piste To Powder here!

So, are you ready for the ski season of 2023/2024? It’s time to gear up, fine-tune your avalanche skills, and head to St. Anton am Arlberg for an unforgettable off-piste skiing experience. Get ready to chase fresh tracks, conquer challenging descents, and create memories that will last a lifetime in one of the world’s most iconic off-piste skiing destinations. The mountains are calling, and the powder awaits – Get ready for an unforgettable season of skiing, snow, and adventure!