Arlberg’s best off piste, typical tyrolean spätzle and venison ragout

Nestled in the heart of the tranquil Verwall valley, beside the Rosanna river is the newly renovated Wagner Hütte, warm and inviting for Off Piste skiers, cross country skiers and hikers alike, to meet, mingle and indulge in some delicious Austrian food in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Mountain Hut in the Arlberg covered with snow

The newly renovated Wagner Hütte

The Hut was originally built 100 years ago for the workers of the nearby hydroelectric plant and then became a hunting station – renamed Wagner Hutte paying tribute to the citizens of St Anton. It has passed from private ownership back to the municipality and last summer was completely renovated with a light and panoramic winter room, cosy internal restaurant, new bar and kitchen. Sample an array of delicious Tyrolean food from hearty soups, traditional schnitzel, Spaetzle served 7 ways, Venison Ragout and a selection of snacks and salads for lighter appetites. Drinks are also served until 5pm. There is a shuttle bus to and from the hut every 20 minutes until the last bus at 4.20pm (cost 4 euros) or for those who want to linger a little longer, there is a taxi service which is very affordable for groups.

For a special treat, on Fridays and Sunday evenings you can dine in this unique place until 10pm (kitchen closes 9pm).  Get there by taxi, your own car or a romantic horse carriage to the Hut for around 25 euros/pp (for group of 4).

To get away from it all, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy traditional Tyrolean cuisine in a friendly unique atmosphere, this hut is hard to beat. A firm favourite with the Piste To Powder guides.


Address: Verwallweg 122 , call +43 5446 30604 or book a table

Getting There: verwall is a car – free area but there are many alternative ways to get to the Hut:

By ski: there are many ski tours which end in the Verwall valley, and a beautiful forrest trail. With just a little poling (snowboarders note – bring poles!) you will arrive at the cross country trail just below the Verwall lake. Just a few metres further you arrive at a small track that leads to the hut. The whole ski can be done in about 30 minutes from the top of Albona 2, a wonderful escape from the crowded and congested home runs to st Anton. Book a Piste To Powder guide or join a social Open group to ski to Verwall.

By Foot: it’s about a 40 minute walk from the entrance to the Verwall valley – an easy flat hike amongst beautiful nature suitable for all ages.

By cross country: from the entrance to the Verwall – there is a cross country trail through the forrest.

By Snowshoe/E-BIKE: contact us to book a private snowshoe/E-BIKE guide

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