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Piste To Powder – Summer training

Let’s start early and maintain or even build fitness if you are thinking of skiing off piste or going ski touring next season. Main thing is, it should be fun – not only an endless slog in the gym, try some new sports and get out there in the summer air!

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We have 7 top tips to maintain your ski fitness:

Tip 1: Build activity into your everyday life!

Try making activity part if your daily life. Leave the car at home and bike or walk part or all of the way to work. At lunchtime or after work play tennis or jog. A quick run in the park even 20 minutes a day will help. At the supermarket park as far away as possible, run up escalators and avoid lifts.

Tip 2 : Get on your bike!

One of the best endurance sports is biking.  Lots of companies now offer bike holidays and in St Anton biking is now a big part of the summer season with plenty of trails through stunning scenery.  Hire from the ski shops or some hotels even include bike hire in the accommodation cost so check for deals.

For those of you who hate slogging the hills – why not try e-bikes? Forget the stigma it’s all the rage – and still gives you a work out as there are several gears to choose from.

Tip 3: Surf, Windsurf, Wakeboard, Kite, SUP, Waterski

These water sports all use similar movements to skiing or snowboarding and will keep you active while you have fun in the water!  Also good for maintaining core strength and balance. Many skiers take up these activities in the summer so these sports really do go well together. In the UK you can do many of these off the coast – or close to London find a  cable ski such as JBSki in Chertsey..

Tip 4: Go hiking or running  in the mountains!

The mountains are beautiful in the summer and covered with carpets of flowers, and fresh streams and waterfalls. If you are a member of the Austrian Alpine club they organise many summer hut to hut hikes and Alpine courses – you can also try climbing, a great skill for ski mountaineering and a good thing to work on your vertigo 😉

Tip 5: Take up yoga and pilates for core strength and flexibility

Skiing and snowboarding relies on a lot of core strength and balance. Exercise your abdominals, obliques, lower back and hips using a stability ball, BOSU ball or balance board three times a week. Build in 10-15 minutes a day of yoga which is also excellent to help avoid injury, and stretching will ensure suppleness when you return to the slopes.

Tip 6: Take up a competitive sport

Tennis, squash, badminton, football, volleyball – all are fun sports and will maintain your aerobic fitness. Just be careful with your knees in all of these. Have fun with a group and maybe find some new ski mates to come with next season!

Tip 7: Build your strength to weight ratio

It is important for skiers  to have a high strength to weight ration for endurance – so avoid just building muscle – instead focus also on increasing distances for running and cycling, and lifting lighter weights with more repetition. Include lots of  sit ups, pull ups, squats, Lunges, and planks. Work also on your healthy lifestyle and save your drinking during summer for your apres time in St. Anton 😉

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